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Svarog square tattoo meanings

Square Svarog — the ancient Slavic symbol that carries the amazing protective effect and protects it. Our ancestors used for religious purposes. It is hidden a strong primal force, are subject to few. Other names: Star or Star of Russia Lada.


Historical reference

Appearance is somewhat interpenetrating parts, depicting a flame hearth and four petals of it. Inside the symbol is hidden brace, an ancient symbol of the sun god. The appearance of the sign and its symbolism associated with the concepts of the world of ancient people. It was thought that the earth rests on three pillars and the whole world is divided into three parts:

  • Reality — currently, the real existence of man on earth from birth to death
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  • Nav — surreal underworld, which can not be seen
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  • Rule — the world living gods, determining the destiny of man
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The value of the square laid Svarog harmony between the worlds, the unity of all divine, human and otherworldly.

The petals unite faith, justice, freedom and honor. Sketch of tattoo Svarog square shows that it carries the victory of harmony over chaos. Speakers focus flame tongues was removed from the holder of all the negative energy, protects against the harmful effects of the underworld.



semantic load differs depending on the name of the amulet.

  • Square Svarog — the flame in a symbol associated with blacksmithing. This sign is the patron of men, physical labor, creativity. Like the god Svarog, symbol protects people working hands and investing in business all the power.

  • Star of Russia — protects native gods holder, invigorates the spirit. The aim is to transfer the symbol of wisdom and experience to subsequent generations, the sacred knowledge of the forefathers, connects with all his race. Helps you find your own path, develops intuition.

  • Star Lada — flame associated with home, hearth, guarded by a woman. She brings to the house of harmony, balance. And symbol calms the nervous system, calms anger, gives wisdom and prudence. The sign helped to get married, create a harmonious happy family based on love and understanding.

The value of the tattoo Svarog square (and other names) is associated with nature, respect for the Slavs to the world and the gods.

This is suitable?

Depending on the value that people will invest in a symbol, it will carry a different meaning. Tattoo Square Svarog better suited to men, it will ensure its protection and will help in all your endeavors. Girls can summon himself to help a female goddess and name tattoo Star Lada. Those wishing to receive the wisdom of the ancestors, the gods to get help and unite with his native Russia Star suitable.

Location on the body

The best place for a tattoo Svarog square is the heart area. It passes through the vital energy which will constantly charge the character and ensure the highest protection. Other more subtle or prominent places are also suitable, tattoo Svarog square will still work talisman, protect and give strength.

Photos and designs


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