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Swallow tattoo meanings

Swallow — one of positive character that is used in wearable paintings. Its value is sufficiently extensive and mainly depends on the part of the body where it is located. Together with a selection of photos and sketches, we show you how not to lose and to bring to life what is dreamed.

The image applied to swallow for many thousands of years, and every nation has a bird symbol had its significance.

  1. Charm of death. The Celts believed that the tattoo will take swallows misery and save the life of the owner. In Christianity, the symbol of spring birds associated with the immortality of the soul and the resurrection. She brought Jesus the water, easing his suffering on the cross.

  2. Symbol of motherhood. In ancient Egypt, the bird was an assistant at the winged goddess Isis. Women are asked to protect her children from the ills and troubles.

  3. The love and loyalty. In Greece, a bird associated with Aphrodite. And Japan was associated with swallow care, home comfort and happiness in living together, because it is after a warm edges always flew to their homes. Today, many couples applied to this image. The picture can be supplemented, and other elements: a heart or flower. For girls tattoo swallow nest is a comfortable, warm atmosphere, if a bird hovers over them — a desire to gain independence
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  5. The symbol of favorable changes. Chinese sages believed the bird harbinger of danger and daring, but people knew that she brings spring, new blossoming life. In ancient Rus called swallow housekeeper, it was believed that she opens the door spring and closed the winter, so it is often portrayed with a key in its beak.

  6. Agility, speed and power. Japanese soldiers stuffed swallows tattooed on his arms and legs to move briskly in the battle and return home safe and sound. Athletes, particularly boxers, applied it to the hand to win. Singers and artists stuffed swift-winged bird that soon came the popularity and love of the people.

  7. The symbol of good luck and wealth. Men living in the north, was applied to the front of the body tattoo long trip to other countries. They believed that the trade will be successful and profitable.

  8. A symbol of freedom. In the criminal world, the bird stuffed after imprisonment or long before to speed up the desired release.

Tattoo swallow or legend of seafarers

In the old days the sailors bird associated with the house and land. They determined where the earth, because no devices on the ship was not a flock of swallows hovering over the sea. Do not see them, then die in the depths of the sea.

Tattoo swallows on the chest sailors began to fill the ship after the riot. According to legend, the seven sailors dared go against the captain because of the unfair attitude to them. In order to fight not to kill each other, sailors painted on his chest picture swallow. Since then, the bird began to associate with the wit, dexterity, experience and skills .


Having floated on a ship a certain number of kilometers, the sailor was allowed to make a tattoo swallows on the chest, going again — the second on the other side. It is believed that a person with such tattoos can be trusted and safe to go with him in swimming. Natelnye images were like employment history: the more birds at the breast, the more experienced sailor


The sailors believed that the swallow will carry their souls after death in heaven, and will not leave in the sea, so it is associated with the world of the dead. Some of the individual doing the tattoo bird in honor of the memory of a loved one. Legend has it that the swallow had access to hell. One day she had stolen the fire and brought it to the people. On the left breast cheeky bird red spot, and began to smoke colored wings, so the Chinese associated this symbol of risk and courage. Today marks the end of a tattoo swallows difficult stage in life, and a bird with an anchor on the waves — confrontation trouble and winds


Where to get a tattoo swallows?

underwear image can be done on almost any part of the body. To give the character the necessary energy, drawing on the best stuff right place:

  • swallow tattoo on his wrist — the freedom, loyalty, luck and youth;
  • and romantics who want to improve themselves drawing the best place in the lower back;
  • a bird means freedom, but several — fidelity and nobility of soul;
  • symbol will protect, guide to the right path and will attract good luck, if you do swallow tattoo on his neck;
  • picture on the forearm — the confidence and desire for a better, is considered a symbol of the winner
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Swallow Tattoo for women and men

Girls are often applied to a picture on the chest, waist and shoulder. Look beautiful two symmetrical tattoo swallows on the collarbone or in the abdomen when they are multi-colored plumage are directed to one another. Terrific looking bird with flowers, gives the image of femininity and mystery. It looks nice and a small flock, if you place it in the direction from elbow to shoulder, from the earlobe to the neck. Located from the toes to the ankle is a very sexual picture.

As with men, women inflict it in the side of the neck or on the back of the head .

Get Stylish and beautiful, if you fill the image with a ribbon and the inscription on the forearm or side.

Swallow can be the size of two matchboxes, but on the neck, wrist and feet better to place small images. The symbol looks nice in the Celtic style, it gives the image of tenderness and kindness.

Men usually stuffed swallow on his shoulder, forearm and collarbone, extraordinary personalities cause symmetrical images on both hands. The bird sometimes supplemented with arrows, crosses, ornaments, but always portrayed with outstretched wings.

Before you apply pectoral drawing, you need to learn, which means swallow tattoo. Do not tempt fate and draw her sitting on a branch, otherwise good luck and love can pass.


Creativity, longevity, the immortal soul

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Prosperity, well-being

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