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In a modern society, where each of us is free to show the world all our features, character traits, passions and hobbies in any form, it is difficult to surprise someone with clothes, piercings or tattoos. But nevertheless, tattoo art doesn’t lose its relevance. Since ancient times, pictures on bodies served as protective amulets, mascots, display of certain distinguishing features, status or origin. Nowadays, every image on skin of its owner adds something that is imperceptible to others — moral certainty, inspiration, strength, energy, determination or simply realizes the need for standing out from the crowd. Almost everyone, who has a tattoo, puts into it his/her own meaning related to the internal state, in one way or another. This aspect makes the art of body inking so popular among all sexes and ages.

In this article, we’ll go back briefly to historical origins, in order to find out the meaning of tattoos with Taurus zodiac sign, the features of inking and combining such an image with other symbols.


The symbol of Taurus is present in many ancient legends and myths, and it’s easy to guess why. Without considering zodiacal canons, the bull is a powerful, strong, hardy, rather patient animal, but uncontrollable and unstoppable in anger. It’s enough to recall the well-known Spanish bullfight, where the picadors and banderilleros in the course of a few thirds (parts of the show) spend a lot of time and energy to make the fighting bull angry, but when the goal has already been achieved, the animal fury is limitless.

Ancient Greeks left us a legend about how the constellation of Taurus appeared. The legend tells how the supreme god of Olympus, Zeus, decided to kidnap the most beautiful girl on Earth, the daughter of a Phoenician king, Europa. Her charm could be compared only to the unfading beauty of goddesses, and the heart of the ruler of Olympus didn’t endure longing for her. However, how couldn’t a formidable, mighty god frighten off a delicate, fragile charmer? Then Zeus decided to turn into a white bull and quietly hide in the royal herd grazing in the meadows. Young Europa was walking with her friends and went to pick the flower she liked. A beautiful, strong animal approached her. The bull looked at her as if he wanted to tell about something important, snuggled up to her, then bowed and lay down at the feet of the king’s daughter, as if suggesting a ride.

The girl stroked, caressed him, sat on the strong back of the bull, when suddenly he began to carry Europa to the sea at the speed of the wind, and, rushing into raging waves, swam like a fish, farther and farther, taking the girl away. Europa opened her eyes, which were closed with fear, and saw that the waves had calmed down, Nereids had appeared from the abyss of the sea, accompanying the snow-white bull with divine singing, while Poseidon himself was floating side by side with him, clearing the way to the magical animal from waves and winds. And then an island called Crete appeared in the distance.

Soon the bull reached the shore, landed a kidnapped girl, and disappeared for just a moment, returned in the true image of Zeus, gloriously presenting himself to Europa. The young beauty fell in love with her kidnaper, became his wife and soon gave birth to three sons — Minos, Sarpedon and Rhadamanthus, who glorified their names many times. So the constellation of Taurus appeared on the celestial vault. The constellation keeps the memory of love story of the great god Zeus and the beautiful princess Europa.

It is also believed that the myth of the god Dionysus, the son of the great Zeus, reveals the whole essence of Taurus at its best. A young and strong young man with the head of a bull, decorated with a vine, ivy, and fig leaves, always holds a cup of wine in his hand. He is on the verge of earthly, carnal, reckless entertainment and divine will, wisdom, power. The nature of this deity, as well as in the symbolism of Taurus, holds an eternal, indestructible bond between two worlds that are present in human soul. After all, there is a reason why people born under this sign get its most vivid and contradictory traits, such as:

  • tenacity,
  • responsibility,
  • reasonableness,
  • thoroughness,
  • foresight,
  • but at the same time:

  • emotionality,
  • sensuality,
  • passion,
  • imperiousness and sometimes even cruelty.

As a zodiac sign, Taurus personifies not only determination, ambition, will and desire for victory, it is also a symbol of harmony, spiritual self-improvement, intellectual and physical development, so to this day both men and women ink the image of Taurus or bull on their bodies, in order to emphasize their merits or to acquire those qualities that are lacking for overcoming obstacles in life. In addition, zodiac Taurus is considered to be the patron of comfort, prosperity, material values, so many people choose it as a mascot and talisman, inking it on the left shoulder, according to esoteric canons.


Stylistics and colors, of course, largely depends on the gender of the owner of the tattoo and on personal preferences. Since Taurus and the bull are still stereotypically associated with male power and energy, it is not difficult to guess that this type of sketches is chosen mostly by men.


A realistic image of a violent, aggressive, powerful animal, rushing forward at full steam, will tell of the irrepressibility, vigor, inflexibility and very harsh character of its owner. And horns directed forward for attack and hot breath of the animal will tell you about readiness to defend “territory”. Dark red, burgundy and brown tones will be appropriate in the implementation of such an idea and emphasize the meaning put in the tattoo.


Sometimes men choose monochrome images of a bull, made with the help of runic or ethnic, in particular Polynesian, ornaments, thus, demonstrating a desire for self-knowledge and paying tribute to their ancient ancestors. Astrological image of Taurus, allegedly carved in stone, can be classified as plots that emphasize the connection of a person with origins, faith in natural strength and power. Such a tattoo is considered a mascot, which gives support of the earth element to its owner.


A bull in the Oriental style will become the personification of some kind of militancy, determination, steady temper and stability of principles, but at the same time, it characterizes a multifaceted and complete personality. In addition, oriental tattoos are almost always quite large, because the plot should comprise not only for the basic idea, but also elements of nature (characteristic feature of this trend), such as the eastern flora and fauna.


As for girls, they often choose small, minimalistic and neat pictures, which are really similar to mascots and amulets. It can be zodiac images of Taurus, made in watercolor technique or in the form of ornamental abstraction. This kind of works is more often black. Warm or “earthly” shades are often chosen as well, because they basically emphasize such characteristics of Taurus as regularity, reliability, patience, prudence, need for care, expression of feelings and emotions.

телец Тату-знак-зодиака-телец Тату-знак-зодиака-тельцы Татуировка-знак-зодиака-телец Татуировка-со-знаком-зодиака-тельцы Татуировка-тельцы-знак-зодиака Тату-со-знаком-зодиака-телец


Besides, girls and guys with a good sense of humor and an inclination for self-irony can choose a cartoon image of a bull or Taurus in new school style, which is characterized by clear bold contours and bright colors. Such a picture on the body won’t be just an adornment, but also an indicator of an extraordinary, emotional and slightly eccentric personality.


Tattoo art has long had no boundaries and limits for imagination. We can tell and show absolutely everything that we want through images on skin. And tattoos with zodiac signs are not an exception, because they can be combined with a mass of other symbols. It all depends only on what exactly the owner of the tattoo wants to tell the world about himself/herself.

Image of the astrological sign of Taurus with inscriptions, for example, the date of birth or the word “Taurus” are the simplest and most common options. Inscriptions are often inked in a beautiful unusual font or with the help of scarification techniques.

Girls may like the option of combining Taurus sign and Venus as the planet that controls it and the symbol of female principle. Moreover, the earth element inextricably connects this zodiac sign with forces of nature. That’s why, another beautiful option for girl’s tattoo is a composition with interlacing floral motifs, for example, with lilac or lily of the valley, which correspond to Taurus sign, plant ornaments or trees in bloom. A realistic image of a peaceful Taurus with the background of a green meadow or a cozy garden in bloom is a very interesting idea.

Men may like the picture of a bull surrounded by flames or in combination with such attributes as swords, blades, battle axes and axes.

A story with two animals, one of which is Taurus, and the other is the symbol of the Chinese horoscope, is relevant for representatives of both sexes. Tattoos illustrating space landscapes are very popular nowadays. So you can please yourself with a picturesque image of the constellation of Taurus in the night sky, where the brightest star of the whole zodiac, that is, Aldebaran, of course, will be in the center of the composition.


Many people believe that making a tattoo with zodiac sign corresponding to the wrong birth date is a big mistake and stupidity. But is it true? Be influenced by established stereotypes and patterns is more stupid.

As it has already been mentioned, in the tattoo culture there are no prohibitions, borders or boundaries for the manifestation of one’s imagination, realization of desires and preferences. If a person wasn’t born under the sign of Taurus, but has character traits and qualities that are best reflected in this symbol, s/he is free to ink such a tattoo, in order to feel satisfied or even happy. Strong (both physically and spiritually) girls choose plots that seem to be more appropriate for men, and men sometimes want to emphasize not only primarily masculine qualities, but also, perhaps, some sentimentality, romance and gentleness, choosing a bright picture with elements of wildlife. Therefore, it’s important to rely not on the opinion of society, not on the rules or recommendations of others, but primarily on your feelings and desires, while looking for a sketch or thinking about the idea of a future tattoo. Only in this case, you’ll be able to enjoy your choice looking at the pattern on your skin day after day.

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