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Thistle tattoo meaning

Thistle — a plant that has a different symbolism in different cultures. For example, the thistle is a symbol of Scotland. This is not very remarkable flower, according to legend, has a very martial character. And its name suggests, the plant is able to fight not only with people but also with the evil spirit! That is why the tattoo thistle is considered a talisman against the evil eye, damage and others’ bad thoughts.

But in the Christian culture (where militancy is not honored because the Christian ideal — humility) thistle is a sin and the associated sadness. However, precisely because it was woven crown of Jesus, and so the plant can symbolize flour Christ .

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Thistle advises caution

A painting of a thistle can symbolize rigor and firmness . Tattoo as a thistle warns others, and the owner himself. The first is recommended to be careful, because the motto of the Order of the Thistle Scottish sounds like this: «No one will anger me with impunity.» But most tattoo owner should not get involved in dubious and dishonest business because of them inevitably be punished.

What to choose?

Thistle on tattoo — bright and unusual decision. And the goal can be almost any part of the body! «Grow» thistle on the arm or leg. Especially it will look elegant along the spine. Experts advise to choose the color tattoo: deep purple flower crowned by dark green elastic stems.


The integrity, humility, charity

тату ландыш 25
Lily of the valley

Love, family values

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Photos and designs

thistle-042 thistle-tattoo-meaning-797 thistle-tattoo-pictures-790 Тату в виде чертополоха Тату с чертополохом Тату чертополох на боку Тату чертополох на лопатке Тату чертополох на руке Татуировка чертополох Фото тату чертополох на боку Фото тату чертополох Чертополох на плече Чертополох Эскиз тату чертополох

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