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Torch tattoo meanings

Tattoo with the image of a burning torch is often used by people living in places of detention. Sometimes she plays the role of a talisman or just hooligan tattoos. What is typical — each lays it its sacred meaning, depending on the experience and perception of the world.

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Usually, a tattoo of a flaming torch is relentless pursuit of human freedom and provides a partnership in prison. It also shows the owner stay in prison for the perpetrators of illegal acts of negligence.

Tattoo torch is applied to the memory of the long stay in the penal colony, the number of nodes shown on a wire, said the number of years spent behind bars.
In addition to the criminal connotations, reflected the torch symbolizes the sacred fire that burns forever. Also acts as a a symbol of freedom and independence from third-party opinion. Common values ​​tattoo torch life and death, love and family ties, the war and the power of God and the Word of God, the soul and the spiritual world, knowledge and intelligence, fertility and harvest. Fire — one of the four natural elements. He can bring both benefits and harms, be upbuilding or destructive.

A person who has decorated his body with a tattoo image of a burning torch, strives for freedom and independence, partnership, knowledge, has hope and faith. It can also talk about the human desire to be cleansed of past sins , burn them to a burning flame. These people have great strength of mind, characterized by exceptional hardness in his choice. They are always very vigilant and careful. In dealing with them, you should always be careful and accurate in their statements.

The most common tattoo with the image of the flame is applied to the shoulder or upper arm, the hand, at least — in the thigh.

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