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Totem tattoo meaning

The concept of the totem has come to us from antiquity. This item has served a symbol of worship in various Indian tribes: the Maya, Maori Aztecs. The appearance of totems is related to people’s faith in the divine power of nature, the power of living beings. The tribe chose an animal that became the symbol, he sacrifices. Also, totems can be everyone. Most often, they looked like the subject with the image and marks or tattoos applied wearable.



According to the Indians, totem animals endowed warrior supernormal, so each had a definite meaning. Here are some of them:

  • The Bear — the power, the study itself, constancy;
  • The wolf — the ability to live in a pack, loyalty;
  • The fox — cunning;
  • Coyote — speed, resourcefulness, agility;
  • Owl — wisdom;
  • The snake — the ability to change, to transform, to adapt;
  • Eagle — visual acuity, vision;
  • Turtle — perseverance in the pursuit towards its goal
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Choosing a totem, people carried it with him as an amulet, or did the tattoo on the body. In ancient times, men lived by hunting, and a totem animal is really divided his abilities. This was due to the fact that the owner of the amulet began to watch their living creature and learn his habits, defensive abilities, hunting instincts. Such an approach could save lives in the woods more often. The presence of tattoos totem gives its owner the power to protect against the evil eye, serves as a security guard.


Mayan tribe totem animals and tied to each day and month calendar. This tattoo totem represents creative energy of a particular time. To a certain extent this is an analogue of the zodiac signs. In the calendar, there are not only the animals, as well as natural phenomena, plants, home and other.

How to choose a totem?

There are several ways to determine their totem animal:

  1. On the basis of the calendar, each person has their pet.

  2. Perform magic rituals.

  3. Follow the signs showing which totem chose you.

  4. The use of meditation.

  5. To dream.

Totem reflects the inner essence of man, his latent abilities and quality, so it is believed that the totemic animal has to choose its owner.

The tattoo totem can be made in black and white or color, and they are suitable boys and girls. A place for a tattoo should be chosen commensurate the size of the image, as usually they have a lot of small details.

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