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We suggest understanding the meaning of the tattoo with the image of Totoro. If you are a fan of Japanese animation, then you know this funny character for sure. Cartoon “My Neighbor Totoro” was created by the Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki in 1898. A fascinating cartoon was shown for the first time on the RTR channel five years later in Russia. This is an interesting and at the same time rather unusual story about how one day the sisters met the spirit-keeper of the forest under the name of Totoro. The family had to move to the village. The children began to discover a new world here, and, most importantly, they approached nature.

The family had to live in an old house, which seems to be about to collapse. A lot of spirits were found in this ancient place. A little baby Maya had met one tiny spirit that later bring the girls to the huge Totoro not by his own wish. As it turned out, he is a keeper of the forest and in general a very positive and completely fearless creature. Moreover, Totoro became a favorite not only for adults, but for kids as well. Sometimes this amazing cartoon character is chosen as the original tattoo.


Japanese cartoon characters can be called not only children’s favorite creator, but adults as well. Sometimes men and women choose original tattoos depicting such funny characters. In the top of the most popular is Totoro. The tattoo with the spirit of the forest is especially impressive in the style of old school and watercolor.

Most often this is done in a colorful version. Although sometimes representatives of both sexes choose black and white drawings.

The original tattoo in the form of Totoro will mean enthusiasm for Japanese culture, animation, faith in a miracle, fairy tale, kindness, sincerity, love of nature, the desire to return to childhood.


Sometimes the fair sex chooses spectacular images of Totoro but not so often. Most often, women prefer tattoos in the style of old school and watercolor. Colorful drawings are made on different parts of the body. For women, such tattoos mean:

  • Spontaneity;
  • interest in Japanese animation, culture;
  • sincerity;
  • belief in a miracle;

A tattoo depicting the forest spirit will tell you about the sincerity and spontaneity of its owner.

A woman with such a tattoo is probably very emotional and even believes in a miracle.
Although sometimes women make such tattoos not because of special significance, but because of the original image.


Sometimes the original tattoos with the image of Totoro are chosen by men. Representatives of the stronger sex prefer the body images in the style of graphics and old school. For men tattoo with Totoro means:

  • interest in Japanese animation, culture;
  • sincerity;
  • childish spontaneity;
  • optimism;

A tattoo in the form of a forest spirit tells about the interest of its owner to Japanese animation and culture.

A man with such a tattoo is optimistic in nature and sometimes even as direct as a child. Sometimes men make a tattoo with the image of Totoro because of the spectacular image.


There are many different versions of the tattoo with the image of Totoro. Often both men and women choose tattoos in the old school technique. Such body images are distinguished by the visual convexity of the picture and the colorfulness.

The body images in the watercolor style are often chosen by the fair sex. Such images are very similar to drawings with watercolors.

Tattoos in the style of graphics are often the choice of representatives of the stronger sex. Such images are performed in black and white.


Often the colorful pictures are chosen as a tattoo with Totoro, which are present not only the spirit of the forest, but also other cartoon characters. Such tattoos look very interesting. They are often chosen by girls and all those who like to show up the crowd. It is impossible not to notice such a body image.

It is possible to make an attractive tattoo with Totoro on any part of the body — on the back, arm, leg, sides.

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