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Tree tattoo meanings

Trees have a deep philosophical meaning in many cultures and traditions. In my opinion, the most interesting Scandinavian mythology, according to which the creators of the world have created a man and a woman ash alder. Some trees have incredible size and properties. One of these properties is fantastic longevity — the age of the oldest tree in the world is 9500 years Bole


In many primitive religions tree is an object of worship, rituals conducted with their participation ancient Celts and Druids .

According to some beliefs, the tree has a soul, capable of transmitting energy. Crowns and branches give blood to birds and animals, fruit trees have long been sources of sustenance. Around the tree of life according to the fantastic works produced entire civilizations — for example, noble Elves , or the brave inhabitants of a distant planet’s Pandora of the «Avatar» movie. John Ronald Tolkien Roel in the pages of his books gave the trees ability to think, talk and move.


The main significance of tattoos tree — natural growth and development . This tattoo is characterized by its owner as a harmonious, whole person. Other value — the ability to recover, recovery, overcoming difficulties. Logically, given the great opportunity of tree species, each of them can have its value. For example, among girls is extremely popular tattoo of cherry blossoms, which is called the Japanese cherry. This tree is a symbol of Japanese culture, symbolizes elegance, mystical beauty and represents the feminine energy. Ash (remember Scandinavian myths), by contrast, is associated with the male. Some tattoo with the image of a tree pass holder some properties of the respective trees, such as oak strength, flexibility birch. In general, a tattoo with the image of a tree means stability, and harmony of life.


For the artist, this painting — it’s incredible patterns, lines, colors, transitions . Making a sketch of his tattoos, pay attention to detail, you may want to combine several characters in a single image. And, of course, out of respect for these magnificent creatures to do the tattoo is recommended on larger areas of the body such as the chest and back.

I propose to evaluate some popular photos and sketches of tattoos in the form of a tree.

Тату бамбук на лопатке

Growth, development

тату древо жизни  30
Tree of life

Wisdom and Longevity

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