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The semantic load of the tree of life tattoo

Tattoo tree of life — is not just a beautiful picture, a kind of talisman that has profound meaning, to understand and to understand that the strength is not each person


But even if you decide to portray on his body a beautiful picture, and do not plan to spend time exploring its hidden meaning, you can safely go to the tattoo parlor. After all, no matter what kind of wood you choose, at some interpretations are planning to portray on the body, the symbolism of the image will be denoted by a commitment to continuous development and dynamic growth, cyclical periods of life and renewal.

As you can see, the value of the tree of life tattoos are no negative connotations and negative does not a priori. After all, at different times in different cultures the tree is considered a symbol of support of the universe, the link between heaven and earth, of fertility and immortality. Perhaps that is why many people in the epics portrayed in live trees appearance — they communicate with each other, stir, breathe and have different magical powers.

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What type of tattoo tree of life

Tattoo Tree of Life can be carried to the archetype of the different cultures of the world, based on the sources of knowledge from different fields: religion, mythology and philosophy. And this applies not only to the tree of knowledge. If you carefully consider the photos in our gallery, you can not help but notice that each image carries a certain positive energy, symbolizing the development and connection of humanity , all life on earth with God.

Tattoo Tree of Life (which can be well seen in the photo) made in different techniques, does have something in common that brings together all the images: a well-developed root system and crown. Thus, convinced of the idea that we need a strong foundation for growth. If the plant is not nourished by good works, neither of which the development of his crown can be no question. In other words, the tree of life tattoo has a deeper meaning — the holders of such character must constantly evolve, improve, work. These are the sources of the universe. Perhaps that is why the tree is often depicted in the center of the circle.

The Tree of Life can even be shown in the form of a space object, whose roots represent the underworld. The world depicted as a mortal crown branches which connect the different worlds in the universe. The choice of a particular wood is preferred for people of different ages and genders: girls impressed symbolizing innocence, tenderness and femininity birch, man — oak and beech, symbolizing the power of the spirit and its power, the nature of resistance.

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Love or separation

Photos and designs

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