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Triangle tattoo meaning

According to Plato, the triangle stands for triune nature of our world : the Earth, Heaven and Man, as well as the family (mother, father, child). Buddhist Devotees see the triangle is clean and bright flame, Christians — Holy Trinity, the Egyptians — Triad. Triangle — the most ancient symbol of all available. It is believed that one of the first meaningful images of the first man were just three connected lines.

Today, tattooed with the image of the triangle has a lot of meanings. Body girls this figure represents three life cycle: adolescence, adulthood and old age . For a man, a triangle carries a different meaning, which also combines three components: physical and spiritual strength, wisdom and beauty


Often, a picture of the couple selected triangle. In this case, it is, according to Plato, a symbol of a strong family. Young people just fasten the ties of another thread, symbolic.

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The man, prone to philosophical arguments, often sees the triangle symbol unity of mind, body and immortal soul , or cyclical earthly life. If we look at this tattoo from this point of view, it is perfect for anyone who considers himself a harmoniously developed, held personality.

There are many different forms of the triangle. base angles can be reduced or increased. On top of some of the pictures as if stretched on the other — slightly pressed. However, given that the meaning of the image, in this case to explain the problematic, given the variations depicted very rarely.


But the isosceles triangle is very popular. Sometimes he is portrayed top down. This is an option for women, as it has a pronounced sexual innuendo — according to the Mayan Indians, the top resembles a «triangle» in the abdomen, the place where female genitals are


The triangle inside the square — the two opposition (material and spiritual, earthly and heavenly), which, however, in harmony with each other. It is found in contemporary culture and tattoos in the form of three triangles connected. This means good health and strong spirit. Sometimes the triangle depicted in color and is considered to be «personal character» of man.

Where to place the tattoo

Figure triangle usually does not take up much space on the body. Girls prefer to «fill» the tattoo on the forearm or on the back between the shoulder blades that look feminine and mysterious. Men inflict drawing on the hands or on the forearms.


Depending on the shape of a star


Cyclical, harmony, time

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