32 Trident Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Trident tattoo meaning

The trident is the most common symbol of power over the sea surface, as well as a permanent attribute of Poseidon and Neptune gods. Trident associated with thunderstorms. It represents the three flames. In addition, such an image can mean the past, present and future.

The Orthodox faith uses the trident as the symbol of the Trinity , and also as a weapon in the hands of Satan. Satan with a trident means the same thing as an allegorical figure of death with pitchforks. In India, as an alternative to the trident stands Trishul, which is a weapon of Shiva. She points to three qualities of God: to create, store and destroy


In Buddhism, the image of the trident is three treasures of the Buddha. The image is a symbol of heaven virgin flame, as well as the sign of the destruction of the three poisons: anger, desire and laziness. In China, the trident symbolizes strength and power.

The value of the trident tattoo

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the value of the trident tattoo — a symbol of power and superiority over others. Trident tattoo came to us from ancient times. Choosing a tattoo, one must realize that this is not just an ordinary picture, but a real mark of distinction that is able to influence his fate.

How to choose the right place for a tattoo?

If you choose to decorate their body image of a trident, first of all, you need to choose the right place and sketch. In fact, in the form of a trident tattoo can be applied to any part of the body. It all depends on the image size and its distinctive features. To trident tattoo does not look boring and ridiculous it is necessary to further decorate. Well, for example, in Ukraine is now very fashionable to make a tattoo with the image of a trident and complement national ornaments.

тату лавровый венок 25
Laurel wreath

Fidelity and constancy

тату велосипед 7

I love to travel

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