30 Tulip Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Tulip tattoo meanings

Over the years, as now, the color attracts the attention of people who would like to adorn themselves with bright, rich and elegant pictures. Applied to the body in different colors, and a combination thereof. Each plant had a special meaning.

Of all the tattoos especially popular tattoo tulips, which are equally well looked like on the female, and the male body. If we talk about the image of a tulip on a woman’s body, a plant well-emphasizes its seductive lines and curves. In the male body, it can also look very elegant. This tattoo will emphasize the romantic nature of man who always seeks adventure. For the people of both sexes in a flower pattern is a good way, which helps to express not only their external originality, but also not to hide internal quality. Tattoo in the form of a tulip suitable for people with an open character and creative thinking .

It is often used this romantic image of young girls. For them, the value of tulip tattoo appears as a joy. Delicate bud symbol appears:

  • full enjoyment of life;
  • in good faith only;
  • Beauty and youth;
  • tenderness.

In the tradition of the European nations the glory flower acted properly and unblemished reputation. It is perfect as underwear picture of ideal lovers. Applied to the body tulips with red or yellow flowers. Red tulip represents a symbol of passion and boundless love. Yellow flower is a sign of hopeless love and gives hope for future relations. Image of yellow tulip will suit a person who has been betrayed, but deceived his feelings.


Tulip looks very good on women’s leg or arm. It can also be found on the abdomen. Sometimes it decided to combine the tattoo in the form of a flower with the other elements. In this case, to interpret the value of the picture is quite different. Before you make a tattoo with the image of a tulip, should carefully examine all the available network options sketches. Despite the simplicity of this flower, professional tattoo artists today can fulfill its image different and very original ways, including styles like watercolor and trash polka.

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Beauty, love, purity


Greatness, strength, swiftness

Photos and designs

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