37 Turtle Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


The tortoise is the oldest amphibian and personifies the power of the Earth and Water. This is one of the four most significant symbols (along with the tiger, dragon, phoenix), which are called heavenly. The duration of her life is associated with eternity, immortality, the continuation of the genus. The ancient inhabitants of our planet naively believed that the whole world rests on the back of a giant tortoise, that she is the basis of everything that exists.

In different nations, tortoises are considered a symbol of:

  • Peace, the universe;
  • navigation;
  • fertility of land and water;
  • male fertility;
  • female sexuality;
  • material existence;
  • wealth, prosperity;
  • domestic goddess;
  • universality;
  • heavenly support and protection;
  • because of her invulnerability – a symbol of an invariable order.

The Indians regarded her with respect as the progenitor of all earthly things; The Chinese believed that turtles can predict the future; The Japanese associated her with luck..


The image of a turtle refers to the animalistic style in the culture of a tattoo, is popular and has a hidden meaning. The meaning of a turtle tattoo can be interpreted in different ways:

  1. Lifetime, longevity.
  2. Peace, tranquility, balance of character.
  3. Wisdom, inner knowledge.
  4. Patience, philosophical attitude to the vicissitudes of fate.
  5. Adaptability to external changes.
  6. Persistence, endurance, strength.
  7. The ability to avoid danger, hiding under a strong shell.
  8. Purposefulness — steady movement towards the goal, promotion on the career ladder.

The tattoo of the turtle delivers aesthetic pleasure, thanks to the unique pattern of the shell and the unusual shape of the body with her legs extended to the side; It is considered a strong amulet protecting from troubles and misfortunes.


Sketches for tattoos are colorful and varied. The tattoo can be placed practically on any part of the body: on the nape, in the middle or in the upper back, on the loins, arms, legs, knees. Run in the black & gray style, reflecting the game of chiaroscuro in the drawing or playing with multicolored colorful hues. This pattern will be bright and spectacular.

The lines of the tattoos are bizarre and ambrosian. The tattoo of the Maori tortoise, for example, is performed in the manner of Polynesian tribal coloring, contains a large number of spiral patterns, rays, wavy and rounded lines with strict asymmetry.

Qualitatively performed tattoo delights and beautifies the body of its owner, turning it into a bright object of art.

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Тату-черепаха-на-плече-мужчины Тату-черепаха-на-ноге Татуировки-черепахи-на-предплечье Татуировка-черепаха-на-ступне татуировка-черепаха-на-плече Татуировка-с-черепахой Татуирвока-черепаха-на-предплечье Татуирвока-черепаха-на-лопатке-девушки Татуирвока-черепаха-на-лопатке Полинезийская-черепаха Наколка-черепаха Наколка-с-черепахой-на-лопатке Наколка-с-черепахой Наколка-с-изображением-черепахи Милая-тату-с-черепахой Маленькая-тату-черепашка Маленькая-тату-черепаха-внизу-живота Маленькая-тату-черепаха Красочный-эскиз-тату-черепаха Интересная-идея-тату-с-черепахой Значнеие-тату-черепаха Значение-тату-с-черепахой Вараинты-черепахи-в-полинезийском-стиле Эскиз-тату-черепаха Эскиз-тату-с-черепахой Эскиз-тату-в-виде-черепахи Эскиз-морской-черепахи ЧБ-татуировка-черепаха Фото-тату-черепаха-на-плече Фото-татуировки-черепаха Фото-тату-в-виде-черепахи Тату-черепашка Тату-черепахи Тату-черепаха-на-ступне Тату-черепаха-на-стопе Тату-черепаха-на-предплечье



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