35 Umbrella Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Umbrella tattoo meanings

Knowing the purpose of this bizarre object, and not difficult to guess about what meaning bears a tattoo umbrella — ward off the ills of life and troubles


If you are not sure in their own abilities to fight evil and injustice, or believe that you interfere embody different ideas into other dark forces, you should hurry up to the tattoo artist and apply yourself this symbolic figure.

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Some owners of Tattoo umbrella, in their own words, become less vulnerable to troubles and losses. Their lives have changed for the better — many unpleasant events are gone, all the cases began to argue, and even the most illiquid projects become accessible and easy


Believe it or not this reasoning, you decide for yourself. It is important to remember that an umbrella pattern contributes to the fact that the person has the confidence in their own security. Accordingly, its actions become more active, without regard to the past, to a brighter future. This immediately affects the achievements and victories, increasing well-being and prosperity.

Self-hypnosis works!

This figure is relevant for both women and men. Of course, many men believe that they will not be protected from whom, they are able themselves to fend for themselves. The ideal place for a tattoo, we believe scapula and shoulder.

тату глобус 26

Curiosity, the desire to travel

тату свеча 30

A ray of hope, a guiding light

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Photos and designs

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