50 Vampire Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Zombie and vampire tattoos

I think there is not much point in talking about the importance of tattoos with the image of vampires or zombies. According to the experience of communication with the owners of these tattoos I can say that do basically because of sympathy for the characters of movies with their participation , and also because of the interesting appearance and artistic appeal of such tattoos.

In most cases, tattoo vampires and zombies do impressed viewed films and series, such as:

  • Blade;
  • From Dusk Till Dawn;
  • The Walking Dead;
  • Resident Evil, and many others.

The most popular story of vampire tattoos, of course, is the famous Count Dracula. As a rule, such a tattoo depicts the head vampire with bloody fangs sticking out, wild-eyed and piercing reddish eyes.

A man obsessed with love for vampires and decided for her to make a tattoo, most likely prefer the night life is not too open and located to communicate, but it has an interesting inner world and is engaged in creativity. In the end, according to tradition, we present our collection of photos and sketches!

Тату че гевара
Che gevara

Non-recognition of authority, rebellious spirit

тату чумной доктор 1
Plague doctor

Fatalism, predestined fate

Photos and designs

ЧБ тату вампирша Фото тату вампирши Фото тату вампир Татуировка укус вампира Татуировка с зомби Татуировка зомби Татуировка зомби на плече Татуировка голова зомби Татуировка голова вампира Тату укус вампира Тату рукав с вампирами Тату рукав вампиры Тату обитель зла Тату дракула Тату девушка вампир Тату девочка зомби Тату девочка вампир Тату вампирша Тату вампир на плече Тату вампир на ноге Тату в виде девушки вампира Тату в виде вампира Реалистичная татуировка вампирши Реалистичная тату вампир Интересная тату вампир Значение татуировки зомби Значение тату зомби зомби

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