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Viking Tattoos: Symbols warlike Scandinavians

The peoples who inhabited Northern Europe, tagged your body symbolism, thus emphasizing different qualities of warriors (strength, agility, courage). These people have a lot of traveling, establishing trade relations with other countries. It is not surprising that one of the most popular tattoo subjects Vikings are ship : Norman remembered in history for their bravery and militancy. Overcoming the oceans and seas, they reached the coast of Iceland, Greenland and North America.

There was a very rich Viking mythology and culture, which recently has become increasingly popular among lovers underwear painting. Perhaps this is the main reason that the pictures on the body depicting Normans symbols made in virtually every professional tattoo salon.

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Plots and characters

It is difficult to accurately convey the importance of drawings that depicted on their bodies northerners. However, the total value of the Viking tattoos identify still possible: these tattoos emphasize human qualities such as courage, bravery, courage, etc


Among the most popular themes:

  • ships drawings, hinting at love Norman to study unconquered land;
  • Image of mighty warrior in armor with axes and swords, emphasizing the courage and bravery of the Scandinavians;
  • Valkyrie drawings, pick up fallen soldiers from the battlefield and send them to Valhalla.

The Viking tattoos are common geometric shapes and symbols. The most common of them — swastikas, crosses, triangles, tridents, and various ornaments, by which figures acquire the integrity and completeness.

Where to make?

One of the most common variants of the modern tattoo with Scandinavian themes — portrait drawing of a Viking on his shoulder. As a rule, the warrior is depicted with weapons (sword, ax), and sometimes — in the armor or a helmet on his head. Sam pattern can be complemented by a swastika, the contour pattern and so on.

Also very popular are the ships of the image. Such patterns are applied mostly on the abdomen, back or arm. But there are also embodiments in which the tattoo distinct flows from one body part to another.

This may be supplemented by tattooed images of birds, sea waves. etc. To create a strong artistic effect in the figure may be present elements of red, blue and others. Color. For example, blue sky and the waves, and a traditional red-and-white flag Scandinavians.

Another option — a tattoo with the image of various creatures known from the mythology of northern peoples. This pattern, in a sense allegorical, it seems to reflect the power and strength of the Vikings. In addition, some archaeological excavations suggest that the Normans were decorated with pictures of monsters flags of their ships, so in the context of the plot to ship the image of the beast will also be relevant.

These are only some of the possible symbols of warlike Scandinavians! It’s time to look at a few examples.

тату спартанец 1

Honor and Valor

тату чумной доктор 1
Plague doctor

Fatalism, predestined fate

Photos and designs

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