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Russian scientist and researcher M. N. Gernet believed that the word “tattoo” was of Polynesian origin. In ancient times the Polynesians worshiped a huge number of different deities. One of them was the god named Tiki who was revered as a defender. According to one of the versions the art of contemporary painting was called «tattoo» in his honor. Some aborigines even believed that it was the god Tiki who taught people to decorate bodies with eternal drawings.

Nowadays tattoo has ceased to be the characteristic feature of only Polynesian aborigines. With the invention of tattoo machines, everyone is able to afford drawing a bizarre picture on his or her body. Some admirers of tattoo art joke that after the appearance of the first figure on the body comes the period of “blue sickness” when you want more and more. Some consider it to be madness; others think that it is the way of self-expression. But still, if people want to decorate their body, most of them draw just a small and very personal picture. One of the most suitable options for such a tattoo may be your zodiac sign. Today we will talk about the importance of tattoos with the Virgo sign.


remarkable imagination, because Virgo doesn’t look very similarly to a human body or to a beautiful girl. Yet, according to astrologers in the constellation of Virgo, there is a clearly visible beauty of a girl with spikes in her hands.

A woman has long been revered as a mother, a parent, the one that gives life. Ancient Greeks associated the image of the Virgo with the goddess of fertility and with Demeter, the patroness of agriculture. The goddess was always depicted as a beautiful woman with a bundle of spikes in her hands which symbolized rich harvest and other gifts of generous nature. In ancient Greek mythology there is a beautiful legend about the goddess Demeter and her only daughter Persephone, which explains exactly why the Virgo constellation shines most brightly in spring.


Demeter was revered by the ancient Greeks as the goddess of fertility and farming. According to the legend, it was due to her teaching that people learned how to sow bread and plow the land. The human race would have ceased to exist long ago without generous gifts of Demeter. But the main delight of the generous goddess was her only beautiful daughter Persephone, whose father was the powerful Zeus, the supreme god of Olympus. Persephone grew up and lived in the Nis Valley and spent whole days having fun with her friends — oceanids, without facing any troubles or grief. But the young girl did not even suspect that she did not have long time to rejoice in the bright rays of sunlight as the imperious father promised that she would be the wife of the ruler of the world of the dead, Hades, who was the god of underworld. One day when Persephone blithely stopped to smell the bright flower she liked, the earth suddenly opened and Hades appeared from under her chariot, grabbed a young beauty and took her to the realm of shadows.

Demeter could not survive the loss of her only daughter and suffered bitterly. Nature was grieving together with her: the leaves of the trees turned yellow, the earth turned black, the birds stopped singing and leaves flew from the trees. Zeus was frightened that, according to his will, a famine would come to Earth, and then the end would come to the whole human race. He ordered Hades to let his wife go in order to see her mother. From the time when Persephone comes out of the kingdom of Hades, Demeter, the goddess of fertility, rejoices: the flowers bloom, the grass grows green, the trees appear on the trees, the birds sing sitting on their wide crowns. With the advent of Persephone, a blooming spring comes to Earth. But just as soon as Persephone goes back to the abode of her husband, to the realm of the dead and the shadows, Demeter suffers again and the nature plunges into mournful numbness together with her – the autumn comes.


Ancient peoples associated Virgo with morality, purity, chastity, harmony, comfort and the sense of duty. People born under the Virgo zodiac sign are practical, intelligent, sometimes excessively picky and pedantic, they hate loafers and lazy people, value their own and other people’s work. The work in which Virgos can actualize their personality takes up most of their time. Hence Virgos feel the inner contempt towards loafers, lazy people and beggars. The tattoo with a Virgo must reflect the main features of people born under this zodiac sign with which you want to decorate your body.

Tenderness, gentleness and at the same time a clearly defined framework, stiffness and adherence to principles — that’s what the style of your tattoo should reflect and we will try to help you with its choice.


The style of minimalism subtly reflects those features that demanding Virgos value in themselves and in people who surround them. These features are conciseness, informativeness, aesthetics and modesty. A drawing made in this style will not occupy a big part of your body; however it will be characterized by beauty and marvelous grace. A miniature Virgo sign perfectly fits on wrist, neck or elbow bend.


The main feature of linework technology is the work with lines. It seems that there is no much space for imagination and creativity in this style. Although we dare to assure that this is far from being true. A skillful master is able to create real masterpieces by resorting to the technique of linework. Whimsical patterns, charming lace — all this can be created with the usage of linework technology and only with the help of black paint. For example, you can depict the Virgo icon in the zodiac circle against the background of the same constellation.


This style shows the qualities of Virgos in the best way possible. There are no compromises in graphic art: black color means ink-black, drawing means only hatching.

At the same time, works performed in the style of the graphics have a truly airy ease and they are endowed with an amazing charm. Graphic style tattoo will emphasize the uncompromising attitude, subtlety and delicacy of Virgos. Clear lines of the picture will symbolize the inflexible inner core of those born under Mercury.


The technique of realism requires extraordinary art abilities of the master because the image should be as close to reality as possible (especially in portraits of people). Anyway, such work will cost you a lot but the result will be worth of it. The technique of realism is resorted to in order to depict portraits of idols, beloved people, pets as well as mythological and fairy-tale characters.


If you think that depicting only a schematic zodiac sign on your body is really a trivial solution, you can give a vent to your imagination and create the sketch of your future tattoo yourself being guided by the history of Virgo sign.

Thus you can depict Persephone going hand in hand with Demeter with the blue sky and golden field on the background which symbolizes the spring revival of nature. With the help of realism technique you can depict Persephone’s love to her grim husband Hades (perhaps she really loved him) or depict a beautiful girl wearing gentle airy clothes and a wreath of bright flowers on her head. The girl may embrace a gloomy Hades dressed in a black robe. The couple may be shown standing on the chariot of Hades.

Or you can dare to «modernize» the mythological images of Hades and Persephone and portray a couple wearing leather jackets and having a three-headed dog on a leash (according to the legends of ancient Greece, the three-headed dog Cerberus guarded the entrance to the kingdom of Hades). But if you are an admirer of «official» images of mythological heroes, then we can advise you to depict the traditional Virgo — Demeter with spikes in the hands.

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Surprisingly, it was women who were always credited with the excessive sentimentality, tearfulness, excessive concern for the family and children. However Virgo zodiac sign seems cold and sometimes even circumspect. Virgo does not tolerate sentiments, tearful oaths and promises. Love means loyalty, responsibility and decency for them. Well, it is worth paying tribute to the Virgos, sometimes such relationships are the most durable, while the raging passions die away quickly and people who are seemingly in love break up.

Тату-знак-зодиака-дева-на-предплечье Тату-знак-зодиака-дева-на-шее-сзади Татуировка-знак-зодиака-дева Татуировка-знак-зодиака-дева-на-лопатке Эскиз-татуировки-дева Эскиз-татуировки-дева-чб Эскизы-татуировки-знак-зодиака-дева Татуировка-знак-зодиака-дева-на-запястье

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