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Warrior tattoo meaning

Since ancient times men and women set aside specific roles and functions. So, the woman is the homemaker, is engaged in furnishing the home and creator of comfort. The man — a hunter, warrior earner. History knows many a warrior, and in each you can find lots of examples of self-sacrifice, valor and honor.

The value of a warrior tattoo — a manifestation of true masculinity . Today is very popular in Russia, is the image of the Slavic warriors. It is, first of all, recognition of one’s own culture, a tribute to history. Tattoo with the image of the soldier on the body — a sign of courage, bravery and honor. This picture can become a kind of talisman that protects the owner from harm.


For the artist, this tattoo — a vast field for the imagination. Perhaps the only indispensable attribute of a warrior — military ammunition: armor and weapons. In other respects, it is an infinite number of color options, shadows, pos.

Tattoo Slavic warrior may be accompanied by an inscription. Most of these phrases are related to religion or nationality, for example, «God is with us»


Honor, courage, will



Photos and designs

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