25 Wasp Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Wasp tattoo meanings

Tattoo — it’s not just an image or writing on the body. Everyone chooses a picture that has a deep meaning for him, connected with the events in the life, character traits. Tattoo artists create individual designs based on the wishes of the customer, emphasizing the individuality of the person. Most images can be found in the image of a wasp or bee, bumble bee. People are always closely watched the behavior of insects, was grown from the symbolism of their images. Meaning tattoo wasp it is also associated with the behavior of these small creatures in nature.


The image of a wasp in the history

Earlier no different from wasps and bees are equally worshiped and those and others. They can be found in Christianity and Hinduism. In all religions, bees and wasps were identified with women, symbolized matriarchy. The device is a beehive pattern of order, system. Honey has always been associated with the divine drink. It is believed that the bees are sent by God to take care of people’s health. Bees symbolize hard work, diligence, communication, ability to make love to clean.

However, wasps are substantially different from the bees, which should be considered if you wish to make a tattoo wasp. These insects have a smooth and elongated appearance. They are aggressive and can attack not only for self-defense, but also just. The attack used a sting and the jaw apparatus, attacking repeatedly. Mineral products wasps do not produce and do not care about my womb. They eat not only pollen but also eat other insects by cleaning the environment, saving the harvest.


Based on the behavior of insects, wasp tattoo carries a value that is suitable for people with the following traits:

  • Selfishness.

  • Aggressiveness.

  • The independence of the society and other people’s opinions.

  • Unscrupulous.

  • The reluctance to start a family and take care of it.

  • The desire to rid the world of evil, dislike of parasitism.

  • The sensitivity, good intuition, the ability to understand people.

  • It may happen talisman or amulet, a kind of protection.

  • Ability to deal with problems alone.

The advantage of a wasp tattoo visible on the sketches. It is bright and lively, suitable for all areas of the body, not divided by sex and age.

Tattoo wasp can be used both individually and in the composition. In addition to bright colors, meets and black-and-white version of the image, which looks very stylish.

Photos and designs

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