60 Water Lily Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women

Water lily tattoo meanings

Lotuses and lilies as tattoos recently used very often. Tenderness, glamor, beautiful appearance — all these are characteristic features of the plant. Unfortunately, only a few holders of such tattoos reflect on the meaning of drawings on his body.

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Despite the fact that both the lotus and water lily are very similar to each other, they have different value. For example, the lotus, which is often associated with Eastern countries, represents the unity of light and darkness, the embodiment of sophistication and rigor . Images of water lilies are more common among Europeans who are fond of tattoos. People selected as the sketch water lilies in the various embodiments, it is believed that these plants are not only the embodiment of the beauty of life, but also the connection of the past with the present.

In most cases, the tattoo in the form of water lilies is completed composition, as this beautiful flower does not require any additions. In addition, some owners of such tattoos adorn the lilies interesting inscriptions or create these landscapes that are fascinating! Tattoos with water lilies, the value of which can be varied, made on the blades, back, arms, neck, chest, abdomen.

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Photos and designs

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