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Web tattoo meaning

It is very common for many years, tattooed with the image of the web to each culture has its own special meaning. For Natpaive American tattoo web anciently symbolized protection from all sorts of troubles and misfortunes, because the spider itself is sacred to them.

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Today, not only in a number of European countries, but also in the Russian owners of tattoos depicting the web of the spider, emphasize their belonging to socially dangerous, aggressive groups. So, as, for example, skinheads .

In general, a tattoo in the form of Web prefer to put on your body people seeking to emphasize in the eyes of their separateness and individuality of a presence, on their own particular style for yourself. They believe that a tattoo with the image of the web gives them more self-confidence, making them easier to cope with the solution of their tasks. The Americans, having put on the body image from the web, are beginning to feel more more brutal and courageous .

Do imprisonment value have tattoos web?


In places not so remote tattoo with the image of a spider web and applied to the back — very popular attribute. It symbolizes the countdown held prisoners in jail. those who suffer from addiction often occur among them. Number of threads is the number of years spent behind bars.

In that case, if the prisoner applied to the web between the phalanges of the fingers, it is a sign that depends on the «potion» sufferer constantly in need of another dose of the narcotic drug.

To the repentant thief in the area of ​​the picture with cobwebs symbolizes the thread on which a spider (as well as people on the stairs) it is able to climb high, following the way, then go down to the bottom of life. In British prisons tattooed with the image of the web means that its owner there is absolutely no laws which he must obey.

Where to make?

In many cases, young people who want to show the outside world their own individuality, or capture the eternal struggle for their own ideas, usually applied tattoo «web» on the chest, shoulders or legs. From the viewpoint of color tattoo performed in cold tones.


Creativity, creativity, hard work

тату муха 25

Molestation, perseverance

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