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Wheel tattoo meanings

Steering wheel — a typical maritime character. He is responsible for choosing the right way . Therein lies its symbolism. The steering wheel is often used in tattoos people who are a little connected with the sea. According to legend, the wheel was a talisman tattoo sailors and defended the choice of the wrong way. Posted professional tattooed migrated to the public.

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This symbol is applied mostly men. Meaning tattoo steering wheel is the symbol is responsible for the correctness of the decision I. It is often applied to motivated individuals who know what they want from life. Man chooses his own path and follow it exactly, thus he is responsible for his actions. Belonging to the nautical theme does not deprive the owner of the tattoo penchant for change, wandering, traveling.

The tattoo is portrayed as no additional parts, such as a component of the composition. Besides steering often portrayed or anchor rope, tape labels that are typical Old style cheekbones, occasionally rose. Tattoo is performed both in color and monochrome. The convenient location — on the shoulder, back, arm. Tattoo steering wheel is popular with people who know what they want from life and confidently achieve this.

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Sailing ship

Danger, adventurism


Hope, stability, revival

Photos and designs

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