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Wings tattoo meanings

Most people identify with the image of the tattoo wings angel investing in it, above all, a religious significance — closeness to God, the angelic purity and integrity . But, like many other tattoos — this may have no religious overtones and just be with what its owner wants.

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One of the most popular values ​​tattoo wings on his back — freedom hill . Such paintings inspire a sense of flight and lightness. Image of angel wings sends children innocence and purity. The religious meaning is very similar to the value of an angel tattoo. To avoid repetition, we only note that these mythical creatures — the messengers of God on earth, the defenders and guardians of people


Much more interesting to talk about the artistic component of the tattoo wings. It is clear that in fact the only place on the body where a tattoo will look sensibly, is back. But sketches and photos can be seen that the image looks different in different parts of the back. The huge feathered wings across the entire width and length, or small wings on the blades or neck — choose only to you. Unlike size, really important point when creating a sketch tattoo image is a color of the wings.

It is believed that the color represents purity of soul. Traditionally wings depict white, and the lighter color — the purer the owner of the soul. It is very risky in terms of value, but extremely beautiful with the artistic side solution is Black Wings tattoo — a symbol of the fallen angels, who according to mythology, the soul of the dead were taken to hell


Sometimes a tattoo in the form of angel wings confused with conventional wings. In addition to religious subjects wings are elements of paintings of birds, dragons and insects. Thus, one can easily imagine a tattoo of a dragon wing on the back, arm or leg. Choose the appropriate thumbnail and wear your wings with pride!

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