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Witch tattoo meaning

Witch tattoo symbolizes the image of a girl practicing witchcraft and magic. His magic it can bring great harm to the people. Apply witch drawing today the representatives of each sex. Modern tattoo witch has a double meaning.


Tattoo witch in the photo associated with bad and evil force. Meaning tattoo witch in this embodiment is connected with the dark side of human life. Beauty witch hiding something, do not expect anything from the light of its magic. This tattoo can not wear each.

Paying attention to the Slavic origin of the word «witch» from «Veda» — have the knowledge, witch tattoo has a positive meaning. It can mean wisdom, possessing knowledge of the supreme truth. This tattoo is depicted as a beautiful young maiden.

Today, however, both men and women applied to modern tattoo pictures witch on a broomstick with a frank erotic nature. In this case, the opposite interpretation of the tattoo — levity and fickleness of its owner


In addition to the classic witch image, in the image of an ugly old woman hunched with a long hooked nose drawn tattoo in the form of Baba Yaga, which is considered bolshuhoy the witch.

On the importance of mythology based tattoos and Japanese style. Yuki-tionally — mythological spirit, is the image of an ugly old woman who at a meeting with travelers freezes them or drink from their blood, thus depriving them of life force


Its symbol tattoo witch burning at the stake, and has a criminal headdresses. Has such a tattoo is eager to take revenge on the woman who had betrayed his feelings for her. The amount of wood in a campfire equal term of imprisonment in years. Apply this tattoo on his thigh.

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