44 Witch Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Witch tattoo symbolizes the image of a girl practicing witchcraft and magic. She can harm people with her magic. Representatives of both sexes ink the picture of the witch. Modern witch tattoos have a dual meaning.


Witch tattoo in photo is associated with a bad and spiteful force. Meaning of a witch tattoo performed in such a way is related to the dark side of human life. The beauty of a witch hides something. One shouldn’t expect anything good from her magic. Not everyone can have this tattoo.

Considering the Slavic origin of the word “witch”, which derives from “to know” — to possess knowledge, the tattoo of a witch has a positive meaning. It can mean wisdom, possession of knowledge of the highest truth. This tattoo is depicted as a beautiful young maid.

However, today both men and women ink modern images of witch tattoos on a broomstick of a clear erotic character. In this case, the tattoo has the opposite interpretation, that is, frivolity and flippancy of its owner.

Beside the classic image of a witch, that is, an ugly, hunched old woman with a long, hooked nose, a tattoo of a hag, which is considered to be the chief witch of witches, is inked.

The meaning of the tattoo in Japanese style is based on mythology. Yuki-onno, a mythological spirit, is an ugly old woman who meets travelers, freezes them or drinks blood from them, thus depriving them of their vitality.

Tattoo of a witch burning on a fire has a special meaning in underworld. The one who has such a tattoo is burning with a desire to take revenge on a woman who betrayed his feelings for her. The amount of firewood in the fire equals the length of imprisonment in years. Such a tattoo is inked on thigh.

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