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Wolf tattoo designs

Wolf Tattoo different deep, ambiguous and contradictory symbolism. In this article, together with a selection of exclusive photos and sketches, we can help determine the value of underwear pictures, not to get into trouble.

In ancient times, when hunting was the only source of food, and the wolves — competitors, the Indians began to look closely to the pack. Animals hunted brilliantly, so the tribes tried to learn how to easy mastery. They estimated the mind of animals, their cohesion, discipline, dedication and boundless power.

On the basis of this, the wolf tattoo does not fit windy natures other than the instability of friendship and love. Image not bring them happiness, on the contrary, it can be great harm. For strong personalities with a firm spirit, independent and ready to defend the interests of the drawing will be the mascot, will support and defend in a difficult moment. Underwear picture wolf jaw — a symbol of a fearless fighter for life and their aspirations, the hardness of intentions, morals. If the jaws ajar — a sign that he is ready to attack first, locked — wait until the enemy jump


  • Figure animal — the embodiment of courage, endurance, courage, generosity, honor, wisdom. Proud, confident beast with understanding and piercing eyes depicted in wolf tattoo with feathers or Indian. It is interesting to see pictures where half of the animal’s muzzle smoothly into the shape of a tribal chief. Wearing a body-worn animal pictures were honorable and not available to everyone.

  • Celtic warriors differed stability, prudence and courage, before each fight drank the blood of the animal, as if reincarnated in him. red wolf tattoo stands for boldness, strength, cunning : burning a mixture of characters jackal and fox. Perhaps, since the time and went to the legend of the werewolf. Turkish and Mongolian people are proud of wolf ancestry. According to legend, Genghis Khan gave birth to a blue-gray wolf came down from heaven to earth. Another representative predators emerged only Turkish warrior, survivor after a terrible battle and led him to a new land (Turkey). According to Roman legend, she picked up and brought to Romulus Remus — the children of Mars (the god of war and protector of Rome). Perhaps because of this legend began to be considered noble animals cruel and bloodthirsty. The ancient Greeks believed that the goddess Latona became a wolf in order to avoid retaliation and Hera gave birth to Apollo (god of the sun) and the goddess of hunting — Artemis. Blue predator was a sacred animal among the ancestors of the Turkic people.

  • The image of the wolf — a symbol of victory and success. The Romans considered a good sign when the front of the battle saw the predator. The fearless and invincible Vikings believed that the beast is Odin. Divine gives them a fighting energy and stamina, and the souls of those killed Berserkers takes in his kingdom. Running wolf tattoo means risk, speed, passion, less vindictive. If the jump — commitment, willingness to overcome all the obstacles
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  • Marking and protection — another predator symbols. Many legends say that the beast makes the suffering and exhausted people. He knows when and what people need. One legend states that the impoverished old man gave the animal hair from the eyebrows. Wandering around the world, the man asked for the night, but with the help of a gift to the hostess saw the danger and left. Apparently, because the eyes of the wolf tattoo symbolizes insight , is considered to be the mirror of the soul and a warning.
    The man with the image of seeing more and more deeply. Ancient shamans and priestesses wore the skins of animals and masks to communicate with the spirits and ask for advice. The Tatar legend white wolf becomes a guide, when the tribe lost in the woods and could die at the hands of the enemy. Figure predator with fair hair — a sign of a strong and stern warrior single with creative and imaginative mind, always ready to help and to come up with any troubles. Since then, hear the howl of a predator — a good sign, promising many years of rest and peace. And now say that a successful man howling gray beast. Tribal wolf howling at the moon mainly refers to the independence or life changes. On the territory of the prison — a sign of betrayal to the owner of the image, or «singles». Put a picture on his shoulder.

  • Wolf devotion is boundless. Predator will forever remain one when losing his beast. It is worth remembering the girls ready to make such a tattoo. Some women, disappointed with life partner, causing the image as a symbol of eternal loneliness. Often you can find pictures of the cubs (as many as children) and parents supplement their names or initials of family members. wolf tattoo in the pack is the leadership, commitment, ready to fight to the end for their loved ones.
Татуировка-с-вощими-волками Татуировка-волк-чб Тату-волк,-воющий-на-луну Черно-белая-татуировка-волк Эскиз-татуировки-воющий-волк

Wolf tattoo — a symbol of mysticism and dark forces

The Slavic peoples personified animal agility and reliability, but after the arrival of Christianity, became a symbol of animal cruelty and ruthlessness, aggression and anger. Tattoo wolf skull symbolizes death and destruction, the afterlife. He was called servant of Satan , although in ancient times it was considered as a guide to the underworld, to smooth border, spoke protector from evil spirits, because common wolf tattoo with Indian mascot (Dreamcatcher). If the animal is depicted in the flame — the embodiment of the dark forces, with red or fiery eyes — a sign of witchcraft, and werewolf character transformation of the physical body in the astral double


Tattoo wolf grin on his shoulder, neck or back is ferocity, ready for the hunt. Figure warns not to attack, otherwise there will be no mercy. The image of the beast was applied only decent. In ancient times, drawing pectoral protected from evil spirits.

Tattoo man is a wolf in the area portrayed as the beast’s head, framed by a star or in the form of inscriptions. The value is too multifaceted, warns about the possible threat and symbolizes the loneliness. Often on the fingers of the hand or shoulder stuffed with the word «wolf», which translates as «here it is, the love which» or «thief shortness of breath — cop cover.» The animal with the cartoon «Well, wait a minute» — a caricature of law enforcement agencies. Often dorisovyvayut woman and a harmless beast portrayed in the visor and straps. The picture is applied to the abdomen or thigh.


Sometimes the wolf tattoo on his arm indicates the person leading the night and racket. The picture can be a symbol of war, especially those who have been in the hot spots. To avoid falling into an awkward situation, you need to understand the value of the selected pattern, and better pre-apply a temporary tattoo.

Wolf tattoo for guys — protection and courage

Tattoos Wolf often carried out in a realistic style, and often the same color. The picture with the help of shadows and highlights is important to convey nature of the beast, his strengths. The color images are focused on male aggression and predatory nature. Looks nice imitation of cave paintings that depicted the Egyptians, the Romans, the Indian tribes. Masters recommend to do the wolf tattoo on his hand as a symbolic image, and the back is perfect for a full and colorful story, complete with elements. Well it looks like a predator in a forest. Stunning wearable pictures obtained with the story of human transformation into an animal, especially walking the city at night under the moonlight. The owner shows that he wants to subdue the dark side of his nature.

Often the men applied wolf paw tattoo on his chest or shoulder that is a sign of strength and steadfastness. It represents devotion, loyalty, success and courage. A man with such a picture knows his worth. Looks good beast with three eyes , with emphasis on insight. Flamboyant personality depict the beast, tearing someone’s skin. Predator with beret and the moonlight — valor and fearlessness. It is interesting to look at drawings of Celtic style or Trouble. If your arm or back breeches already have a picture, it is desirable to pay attention, not whether it contradicts the meaning of the wolf. Masters recommend to apply tattoo, adhering to one style.

Wolf Tattoo for girls — loyalty


For the fair sex wolf image — love for children, custody, equity. However, it symbolizes the loneliness and boundless devotion to their only predator, it is not recommended to fill the white beast.
It is interesting to look or just the contours of the animal’s head in a realistic style, framed by flowers. Women usually choose bright images, but looks good in black and white wolf tattoo on the forearm, chest, leg, shoulder blade, as if the balance of good nature and aggression, light and dark forces, select the symbol. According to legend, ancient tribe tamed white animals with positive qualities, but only one died of loneliness, until the man fought with the Black Wolf. Wise Indian spoke, that depends on the choice of the future. People prefer to fight with the dark predators and not care about white.

Many girls are applied wolf tattoo with additional elements — sunglasses, watches or a girl with a mask of a predator. Paws animal is usually packed in the lower back or near the blades. Exclusive looks symmetrical picture on the back.

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