32 Wolverine Tattoos - Meanings, Photos, Designs for men and women


Tattoos have gained great popularity in recent years. The theme for them is significant events in life, dates, living beings, various objects and symbols. One of the variants of the tattoo is the Wolverine. There are several types of tattoos and meanings.



The concept of wolverine is familiar to many from different areas of life.

  1. There is an animal from the family of cunts called wolverine in nature. Outwardly it looks like a bear or a badger, only smaller. Individuals who grew up on the will are quite aggressive, omnivorous. Cubs can be tamed. Domestic individuals become affectionate and completely without malice. Wolverine tattoo is suitable for people who are avoiding communication, loving is on their own. The image with the open mouth speaks of aggression, the possibility of an attack.
  2. Fans of comics Marvel can use the hero-mutant action movie “Wolverine” James Howlett as an idea for the tattoo. By character, the hero is like a specimen of an animal that has grown free. Such a wolverine tattoo can display a different meaning, besides the love of this genre of films. The image shows similar character traits, behavior, desire to be like an idol.
  3. Wolverine is found in Slavic mythology. She looks like a girl with long hair, reminiscent of a mermaid. In later sources was transformed into a monster, enticing travelers into the pool.

Wolverine tattoos give the space for imagination, many variations. Combine perfectly with other tattoos. Suitable for men and girls. Look great in any color, especially the brightness of wolverine from the movie.

For a wolverine tattoo, large parts of the body, for example, back, shoulder, belly, will fit, as they contain many small details that will be more interesting and brighter to look in scale.

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