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Yin yang

The plot tattoos yin yang came to us from ancient Chinese culture and remains one of the most popular tattoo symbols. Variations of this sign can be found on various parts of the body, sometimes in the form of the ancient creature, such as a snake or a dragon. By the way, yin yang image of a dragon has become a real classic in the late 90s.


Meaning tattoo yin yang -. unity of opposites This image symbolizes balance and at the same time fight. Picture looks like a circle divided in half by a wavy line. One piece — Yin — symbolizes femininity, darkness, represents the earth. YANG — male symbol — represents the life, the sky and the light. Together, these two elements form a harmony, unity and harmony. It is in this lies the fundamental importance of the ancient characters. One part can not be without the other, they give rise to, and continue to each other.

Looking at the figure, it is seen as one element out of the other. This can be interpreted as follows: struggle between good and evil is infinite, a natural process of which there is everything that exists. The interaction of two energies should be harmonious, if one force will surpass the other, this will break the balance, and then the order of nature is violated. Returning to the value tattoos yin yang, a symbol of the human body can talk about the quest to find inner peace and harmony with each other. Black and white can characterize the shift stages of life and optimism: obligatory happiness comes after a difficult period


It’s amazing how Chinese culture is rich in a variety of symbols and images. Many of them have been applied in the tattoo art, giving different images with additional values. In the end, as usual, I offer some interesting variations of photos and sketches tattoo yin yang.

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